Thursday, August 10, 2017

An abundance of Succulents and other crazy ideas

Have you noticed how succulents have been showing up everywhere for the past few years?  In all the decor magazines, design blogs, everywhere one looks.  No longer do you have to head to a plant nursery to find them, they are even sold in the grocery stores.  A few years ago I had a hard time finding them anywhere except a garden center. I thought the trend was waning, but it doesn't appear that it is.  Even if it is, I still like succulents and real ones grow pretty well in the desert climate in Boise.

I found this wrought iron shelf/cd rack about 4 years ago, at the thrift shop.  I think it is/was a cd rack anyhow.  I really love the curvy shape of it. My plan was to eventually fill it with small succulents, using a collection of bowls and pots that I already had.  It sat in a corner of the garage just waiting until I would finally move to my house in Boise.  Well this last trip, I was in Michael's one day and saw that they had their faux succulents on clearance.  A light went off in my brain, and I thought, wow, I don't have to wait for real ones, I'll just use these in the meantime.  

I'm pretty pleased with how this project turned out.  I've mixed in a few rocks that we've picked up here and there along the way.
Hubby used to roll his eyes at some of the ideas I would get. But he admits they usually turn out well, so he doesn't discourage me from buying or saving some mundane item that I will turn into something else. He's pretty impressed with the succulents.  He also really likes the metal colander I turned into a light fixture over the kitchen sink. 

One time long ago we were coming back from a Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas, and I spied a dead branch along the side of the freeway.  We went back and got it and were almost arrested by the Highway Patrol. Even though it was supposed to be "temporary", it is still holding up the curtain over the entry door windows, 20 years later.  Yes I have eclectic tastes and our home is a mixture of things we both really love. 

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  1. Lover reading these posts.
    The CD rack is looking amazing, much nicer than having a bunch of CDs on there!