Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birdie Update

Before we left to go to Dallas a few days ago, Hubby peeked into the nest and one of the three eggs was missing. Don't know if a predator got it or what happened. There seemed no evidence of a broken egg, and the nest didn't seem messed up. I don't know if birds move their eggs from one nest to another. Anyhow, the missing one was the one I had thought looked a little deformed. I have no idea. When we got home last night the two eggs were still there. It has been 15 days since she layed those two, so I think we should be hearing "cheep cheep" any moment now. We decided not to try and wheel the entire vine away from the door. I guess we will be taking our chances with getting pecked on the head. I do hope we will get a peek at the babies and maybe get a photo of them.


  1. Looks like a mockingbird, hope they hatch soon.

  2. Don't birds and animals get rid of deformed babies? I think I read that somewhere....they know they won't survive so they just get rid of them. Sad but I bet that's what happened to the other egg.