Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't try THIS at Home!

Well, I just had a really disgusting happening! There will be no photos, you can just use your own imaginations to picture it. First to set the stage: I am having back problems the past couple of weeks, so can't sit for very long. But I still keep multi-tasking like I always do. Figure if I sit awhile, walk to another location, sit awhile there, etc. You get the picture. Been working all morning on ICAD cards, painting some journal pages, tidying the family room, searching for little metal brads, this and that. Realized I've only been drinking coffee and haven't had breakfast. So what do I do, get another cup of coffee and a bowl of gingersnaps and head to the computer where I've been blog hopping. Well, I don't know how y'all eat gingersnaps, but I like to "dunk em". I'm trying to grab a blog button and get signed up for another challenge, and gawking at traci bunkers site with my mouth open. Both in awe at her stuff, and to stuff a dunked soggy cookie in it. guessed it. I held on to it a few seconds too long, and whadyaknow... It drops right on my keyboard. On the way down it slides on the front of me..oh yes I am still wearing my sockmonkey p.j.s. So there is a big nasty clump on my monkeys, and on the keyboard. For one little gingersnap, it sure made a big mess to clean up. Most accidents do happen at home, and even moreso when multi-tasking! Now my back really hurts and I need to go lay down. And I may need to go buy a new keyboard.

I do plan to finish the Mockingbird saga by the week-end, as everyone has been asking for an update.


  1. No photos! I wanna see the sock monkey p.j.s! They sound cool! Sorry about the messy keyboard though. Did you get signed up to the challenge?

  2. Flip the keyboard upside down & smack it a time or two. Let the gingersnap fall the other way.

    That story had me in stitches.

  3. No Janet,I didn't yet, at that point it was just "walk away from the computer". I know you've told me several times how to get those blog buttons, but it never works for me! wah!
    I don't think I need another 30 day art along with the ICAD...I thought they could overlap. HA! If I could do one little index card I could do something else, right?

    Pat, I did smack the keyboard upside down that's how I got the clump off, but there was still wet cookie running down inside. But as you can see, keyboard is fine. I ran a sliver of cardstock between the keys and scraped the rest off. Ugh

    After some ibupropen and a nap, my back feels better and I am not feelilng accident prone.

  4. For your back try lying flat on your stomach on a good firm mattress, no pillow and relax your back for about 10 minutes or so, then raise up on your elbows and arch your back, that usually works for me. When you are sitting in a chair make sure your feet actually touch the ground (I only say that because I am short and often times my feet are dangling even in a regular type chair, so I often have a small footstool under my feet) and make sure the back of the chair isn't straight up but angled back ever so slightly with good arch support. A good chair and a good firm mattress make all the difference in the world. And ice pack on the back when it's really bad. White rabbit and happy fourth to you.

  5. Thanks Linda, I do actually do that particular excercise. Plus quite a few stretching ones before I ever get out of bed. I think my recent back flare up, besides the disc thing, is inactivity, too much sitting. With triple digit temps, I have been staying inside a lot. I walked a lot yesterday, in my Skechers, and took a hot mineral bath last night, and lots of stretches. Much better today. Wow, girl, you must be shorter than I am. My feet reach the floor in most chairs. I am 5'4". I was 5'5" years ago.