Sunday, January 22, 2012

Muddling through January

I'm becoming a "homebody". The more I get to stay IN, the more I want to. Hubby has been around a lot more recently, and he's perfectly willing to run errands and bring home what we need. Every few days I do need to take time to go out for coffee, or at least run an errand or two myself. I'm afraid I could be in danger of becoming a total recluse! This winter I've discovered I really do like staying home a lot more.

I'm still sorting and reorganizing. Why is it everything I do takes longer than I think it will, and makes more of a mess than I started with? Things are looking up in the organizing department though. The other day I was working on a project and used the last bit of a Martha glue stick. I went to the cabinet that they should have been in to get a new one, and guess what? There they were...two of them. Lined up right next to a variety of other adhesives. Just like at Michaels, only I didn't have to get in the car to go buy a new one! Yay! Progress.

I did have to go to Michael's and JoAnn's on Friday. First time in weeks since I'd been there. In fact, the people I know who work there, all said "hey stranger" when I strolled in. Went in, got a few choice needed items, and left.

Hubby and I went out to a late lunch and it was close to 4 p.m when we were driving home. As soon as we turned onto the parkway that leads to our development, we saw these deer off to the side of the road. I couldn't get my camera out quickly enough, so he turned around and went back. At first they were all clustered together, standing very still. There was a young boy walking on the other side of the street who started to cross over. As he got closer, the three on the right began to move away. They still didn't run, but by the time I got these photos they had all moved a little farther away. See the houses right behind them? That was all field and cedar groves just two years ago. Now matter how old I get, when I see deer, my breathe catches in my throat. Wish I could have gotten a closer photo. That is a rentention pond in the foreground and I was right next to the sidewalk in front of that.


  1. I could also become a recluse very easily. And spend all day in my jammies! But I force myself to get out and do things. Taking trips to Michael's and Joann's is one of the easiest ways for me to do that. Or B&N. But usually I'm happy to stay home and play in the studio or read or bake or any number of things. I can be perfectly happy being at home.

    Love seeing the deer. They are beautiful creatures.

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  3. You are right. There is something really breath-taking about seeing deer. They are so graceful and the time of day when they are present the lighting is usually subdued, so there is a mystery about them.
    Glad the organizing is coming along well. Wish I could say the same!