Thursday, January 26, 2012

stealing JUNK mail?

This is hilarious. I saw this story yesterday, and feel I should pass along a warning to all my artist friends. This is how it starts... First we like to make collages. And we all like to recycle. So we start saving scraps of wrapping paper, candy wrappers, bits and pieces of things most people toss in the trash. ETC.ETC.ETC. You KNOW what I mean. Then we start eyeing the junk mail that comes into the house and think.."I really should use this instead of tossing it, I can make it into something artful and lovely." And we do. So, before long we are asking the neighbor and the family to save their junk mail for us. Then before we know it.........We are renting a storage locker!
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Of course this weird story happened in Texas. I can't help but notice that a lot of crazy things that make the news happen here. I'm sure they happen in other states, but every time I see a headline that is particularly crazy, I think..oh no, don't let it be Texas again. I do think at least once a year we have an incident involving a postal worker.


  1. LOL!! I'm not quite that bad...yet! And don't worry about all the crazies being from Texas. Here in CA we have our fair share!

  2. that's a bizarre story. makes my picking up uses scratch tickets from parking lots look normal :)

  3. Hoarding is rampant it seems, we just heard on the news that someone kept their grandmother in a storage facility since 1999, she had died and was embalmed, put in a casket and then went to the storage unit. now that is crazy, only in florida, ha. They said they couldn't decide where to bury her.