Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Short Report, A Ghost of a Post

Summer has been a runaway freight train, one long extended road trip.

It got HOT in Texas, VERY hot.  Early on.

We went to Oregon...without a jacket or an umbrella.  It rained, we got wet, we dried out.  Saw the darling nephews, and other family. Saw Dragon Boat racing for the first time.

We went to Idaho.  There was a heat wave there.  We didn't care.  It's a dry heat.  We looked around. We made wishes to move there.  We came home and I hibernated in the A/C house.

My computer crashed. I've been without it for two weeks.

Hubby has been trying to cheer me up.  This was the photo he left on my laptop screen.  This was yesterday, August 1st.

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  1. it has been hot here too, seems hotter this year and less rain, what a cute rabbit so nice of hubby.