Monday, October 29, 2012

Snap OUT of It!!

She said! Holy Smokes, I have been gone a long time. I've been trying to write this post for at least two weeks. It's hard to know what to write, to say, when one has been absent for so long. I had a very long and strange summer and it became very difficult to put into words, so I didn't. I always have difficulty with the heat and humidity in the Texas summers that seem to go on forever. This one was particularily hard. There were family issues, chronic health issues, and when these thing coincide with summer, I tend to spiral downward into a place I don't like to be. I stop creating, which also adds to my crabbiness. So, after a few months of becoming what I like to call a "cave dweller"...that means hunkering down in the cool house in the A/C and isolating myself, I am coming back to what some might call normal.

It is finally starting to cool off somewhat in Central Texas. But like always, this time of year, we get teased with one or two autumn feeling days, then right back to the almost 90 with a LOT of humidity. Over the week-end we had one rainy day when the high was 65. While hubby and I were out we had to laugh, as almost everyone we saw was wearing their boots, scarves and light sweaters and jackets. The next day everyone was back in shorts. But at least we all "found" our fall wear and have it at the ready for the next cool day. I am feeling invigorated and inspired to get out, move about, and get busy creating things again. So, hopefully, I will be back to posting on a more regular basis.

Just so I don't have to post this without a photo, here are a couple of shots I took in my front garden recently. I realized after uploading, that my lady statue had a bit of bird poop on her head, it is almost obscured by a leaf, but not quite.


  1. If you hadn't mentioned the bird poop I would have thought it was just a worn place on the statue! Whatever it is, the statue is lovely. As for fall-like weather...none here right now either although we aren't quite as hot as you are. Our temps are back into the "manageable" area for me.

  2. It's the same in Florida when we get a "cold" snap which really isn't so cold everyone looks like they live in Alaska, I'm finding I am feeling cold in the house at 72, ha I must be acclimating to the Florida weather. Glad to hear you are back. I do think the breeze blustery weather is good for good vibes. I too get crabby if I am not creating. Ha.