Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Guess what this is a photo of?  Okay I'll tell you!  Remember I mentioned the plunbing issues in last post?  Well, the day this all started, I was doing a load of laundry.  I was sitting in front of the computer when I heard a bubbling noise that was NOT coming from upstairs where the washer is.  As I rounded the corner in the hallway and looked in the downstairs powder room there was a fountain bubbling up in the commode.  YIKES!  I could see that it was almost to the top and ready to overflow.  Instead of running for towels, I grabbed my camera which was sitting on the hall table and shot this just before the blue water came rushing out over the rim, onto the floor, headed for the doorway!  Then I started looking for towels to throw down on the carpet.  Yes...we have carpet in that bathroom, which I don't think is a good idea in any commode room!  Fortunately this was not "sewage" but the water from the washer.  So, soapy water, combined with that blue cleaner in the bowl made a big tinted mess on the carpet.  Hubby had just cleaned the bathroom and added one of those blue tablets to the tank. It still didn't look so great, so I did a "heat map" in Picasa, to intensify the colors.  Hubby laughed..he said I could make art out of anything.  Believe me, I was NOT laughing, but he did come home to help clean up the water.  I was really not laughing in the days that followed, when we could not use the facilities, and had to stay in a hotel for 3 nights.  Then when we did come home and still had no water and the plumbers kept running into more obstacles and kept having to dig more tunnels.  It became such a nuisance to run next door to the neighbors to use the bathroom, that I became embarrased and started going to the 7 Eleven up the road. Also, when the pipes were all open outside we couldn't even run the water, and I kept forgetting.  You never realize how many times a day you turn that faucet on, always taking for granted you'll have water.  Or how much we take our city sewer system for granted either!   Well, we have plumbing again, as of Saturday.  They are not done entirely, as some of the pipes will have to be readjusted when the foundation work is done.  I've spent the last couple of days boxing up stuff to move out so there is more room to see where all the cracks are, and more ease to do the work that needs to be done.
Oh...take a look at this little treasure that the digging crew saved for me as a souvenir.  Since a large shrub had to be removed, and it was 20 years old, they thought I might like the rootball to make something out of.  LOL  The plumber told them I was a weirdo who liked natural things I guess.  He had seen my bird nests and bare twig tree in the house and commented on them.
I can't imagine that I will need a souvenir to help remember this incident, but who knows, I'll keep it around and see if I get any ideas of what to do with it. I do actually kind of like the looks of it, and you cannot argue, it is natural.   I can't imagine finding a glass dome large enough to put over it like I do some of my bird nests. I guess I could spray paint it and use it as yard art.  LOL 
Hubby and I are warm and cozy at home for the evening.  Watching more Bowl Games and perhaps a movie.  I made tortilla soup and the hubster brought home a frozen Key Lime Pie, and some Martinellis Sparkling Cider.  That's about as wild as we get on New Years Eve.  I have had a lot of coffee today, so I may even be able to stay up till midnight this time.  Wishing a safe and Happy New Years, however you celebrate.


  1. I thought the toilet bowl photo was a piece you had painted, it needs to be enlarged and framed, I love it. happy new year.

  2. I agree that the photo of the toilet looks like a painting! You definitely need to frame it and hang it in your home. And be thankful that you only had soapy water backing up!

    HB and I had a quiet New Year's Eve. Not even a glass of champagne this year! I watched the Rose Parade and made sticky buns the next morning.