Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My mind is cracked and broken

Ever since our plumbing disaster around Christmas time, life has been in constant turmoil around here.  We've had a steady stream of people through here, starting with Insurance adjuster, Engineer, the insurance companies plumber, our plumbers, people measuring and checking elevations, taking soil samples, you name it.  We've had a giant pile of dirt in our yard for a couple of weeks,an up-ended shrub and flags and spray painted markings, indicating where city utilities are.  The city came out the day after Christmas and located a problem near the street, which had nothing to do with the line from or into our house.  But affecting us and our neighbor.  Said they'd return to fix it, we've seen nothing of them.   I've spent countless hours online, researching foundation repair.  Interviewed several companies, none of which I have been too impressed with.  Spoken to all the neighbors about the various companies they have used.  There are only 3 or 4 methods of foundation repair being used by all companies, and most reviews of all but one say they don't work.  Of course that one that supposedly does work(over the long haul) is the most expensive.

To add insult to injury, I got a letter from the Homeowners' ASS!  Oops.. I mean the Association.   About the "unsightly" pile of dirt/sand in my yard, and could I remove it from public view.  I sent them a nice little note about being observant when one takes a photo, that most people didn't just drop a pile of dirt in their yard without their being a reason for it. 

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  1. With all the professionals surrounding you, I wonder what's taking them so long to fix your plumbing problem? What was the problem, by the way? Whatever it is, I hope that it's already been fixed, so that your neighbors will no longer meddle with your problem.

    -Katrina Spencer @ ResQPlumbing