Thursday, January 17, 2013

Me and the HOUSE!

We are both cracking up..and not in a good way. Not only is the house cracking up, it is leaning backwards!  Ever since the plumbing fiasco over Christmas, we have had a steady steam of people parading through the house.  More plumbers, the Insurance adjuster, the Engineer, the Inspector, sounds like a board game doesn't it?   Then we have interviewed several foundation repair companies who are trying to show us why their system is the best.  They have all measured everything and each one presented a plan. There seem to be only 3 systems that are used across the industry and of course the one that works best over the long haul here in our Texas soil, is the most expensive.  The fact remains, that for our type of damage, there have to be interior piers under the house as well as around the perimeter.  They all suggest the method where they cut through the concrete foundation from inside the house.  Sounds delightful, no?  I've spent countless hours reading and doing research on all the health hazards from this.  A few of the contractors agree that there are some, but most of them deny that any exist.  We will not be using any of the ones who just say "no worries", I fear.  Anyhow, it will more than likely mean moving out of the house for the time it takes to do the repairs.  This also means moving most everything we own.  Most of my art supplies are already packed up and we have filled both our storage units.  One of them hubby uses for business, and he can now barely get in there to get things he needs for trade shows, etc.  OY!!  My hair seems to be thinning...I must be pulling it out in my sleep.  Which I haven't been doing much of, sleeping, actually.

More Plumbers tomorrow, and the Engineer is coming back to drill several 3" holes thru the foundation (yes, inside the house) to get soil samples. Both these plumbers and the engineer are being paid by our insurance company.  They seem to be spending a lot of money to either prove we don't have a claim or that we do. So far it seems they may pay for some of the plumbing, but not the foundation unless they can prove there was a water leak that caused the foundation issues.  That doesn't seem likely from the bits and pieces I have overheard in conversations.  At any rate we are getting some things done that we would have to pay for ourselves otherwise.  So I am grateful for that.

Yesterday, the first plumbers finally hauled off the dirt and shrubs that have been there since Dec. 27th.  The second plumbers have another section all dug up, they are the ones who are coming back tomorrow.  To make matters even more hilarious, I get a letter from the Home Owners Association, saying I have an "unsightly" pile of debris in my yard that needs to be removed from public view.  I kindly told them that in case they hadn't observed, when they did a drive by to take the photo, there was also an open tunnel from whence that dirt came.  There have been enough foundation problems in my neighborhood that one should know right off, that we don't just decide to stack a pile of dirt in our yards for decor purposes.

Hubby has had to be out of town several days this week for work, so I've been fielding all of the phone calls and trying to keep the appointments straight.  So the beat goes on, with another new adventure every day.

No photos, no artwork, just maintaining day by day.  However, I have had thoughts of running away from home.  But then I put on my big girl pants and get to work on  research, cost analysis and other things that need to be done.  I alternate between that and wanting to sit in the corner with a blanket over my head. This situation is causing both Hub and me a lot of worries right now, but it will work out in time. I know that.  We have so many other things to be thankful for, this is just a temporary setback. I'll just be glad to get through it and move on to other things.


  1. oh what a bummer, this is terrible, if the insurance doesn't agree to pay, I'd get a second opinion

  2. You're definitely dealing with a huge problem. I don't envy you all the work ahead but hopefully in the end your house will be stable and sturdy and on a solid foundation. Just keep a positive attitude and put one foot in front of the other!