Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Festivals of October

I cannot believe I am so far behind in posting about all the fall festivals.  But just going to them all has kept me so busy that I believe I may be suffering from what might be called Festival Fatigue.  The entire month of October, every week-end was spent attending some kind of event. I had started this story several times, but today just deleted it all.  I'll post some photos of a few of the places we went. 
 First of the month, local Museum Day, when all the museums have free entry.  We made it to a couple of locations then went to Mexic-Arte for a sculpture demo and make and take. Fun, but challenging, lots of laughs from those who had not worked with this clay before. Some of us had experience as children with clay, but not a lot as adults. The guest artist Angelica Vasquez was so interesting and helpful to everyone.  She actually made the tiny flowers on my hat, so I just used them instead of continuing my efforts to make my own!

 Mine, the lady in green(forgot her name) and Hubs on the end.

The following Saturday, we went to another make and take, a carving demo. Once again, I had not done any carving in so long, I was at a loss.  Hubby jumped right in and did the Heart, and I struggled with a fish.  The young boy across from me did the shark and we traded a print. The main reason I am posting these photos, both of the carving and the clay is this...  When you don't do something for a long time, you forget how. At least that seems to apply to me, as I have gotten older.  When you continue to do it on a regular basis, you get better at it and can see progress.  So my juvenile attempts were pretty humbling, but gave me the challenge I need to try to improve in both of these mediums.    
Dia de los Muertos came the next week-end.  The Mexic-Arte festival used to be held at the end of the month, closer to the actual date ( Nov1 and 2nd) but they have moved it up the past couple of years because of conflicts with so many other festivals.  This is the first and traditional one, read about it here.  MexicArte-fest  This holiday has become very Anglo-cized over the years.
One hundred Catrinas were stenciled on the outside wall, in honor of the 100th anniversary of JoseGuadalupe Posada, the artist who created the original la catrina blockprint.  We had one done in memoriam for Hubs Mother, who passed two years ago.
We have also gone to a couple of music events, the Texas Book Festival, a football game, a convention for work, another art festival.  I must say I am worn out from all the activity.  I am getting too old for this constant running around. I know you are thinking, well then just stay home!  Ha Ha.  There are so many tempting things to go to, that it is difficult to resist.  November has begun with a bang as well, and the month is filled with things that have nothing to do with the Holidays.  I am planning some serious sleeping and relaxing at home over Thanksgiving.

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