Thursday, November 21, 2013

The three day recovery that took a week and a half

The weeks kept slipping by and I had been putting off a dental procedure that I really needed to have done.  I had a failed root canal that had been giving me fits for awhile.  I had lost confidence in my regular dentist and was trying to find a new one.  After visiting a dentist that was rated REALLY high on Angie's List, and having a dismal experience, I was beside myself with what to do.  Sought advise from my periodontist, the one who had done my implants a number of years ago. He gave me a few recommendations, but in the meantime referred me to an endodontist to see what could be done about the tooth that was problematic.  That experience was a nightmare...very creepy fellow to begin with, with a lot of weird things happening during the exam, and him telling me when I asked for an explanation of the procedure called apicoectomy...  to "google it".   So after two really horrid dental experiences, I was beginning to question my sanity, and thinking perhaps I just needed to lower my expectations...and that maybe my previous dentist had not been so bad after all, in comparison.  Reported to the periodontist that I would not be having the procedure done there, and that he might want to rethink his recommendation of that office...  He apologized profusely and told me we would work on finding a better fit.  He did send me to a regular dentist who it turns out I really like and like everyone on his staff.  They sent me to a newer endodontist who I felt a lot more comfortable with.  So that hurdle is over.  Now to find time to have this procedure done, what with all the festivals, my full calendar, the holidays looming, etc.   Told them I wanted and needed to be fully recovered in time for the Formula 1 Races. It was also the week-end of mine and hubby's 40th anniversary.   Oh, no problem, it was a 2 hour surgery, and intensive, but I would be fully recovered in two days.  So, I had the procedure on the 12th, pretty much slept for a couple of days, confident that I'd be fine on Friday.  Well, Friday comes and not only am I still so swollen my face is distorted, I am totally bruised from my eye, to my chin.  I looked like I walked into a door. I had followed all the instructions to the letter, but was feeling weak and nauseous from all the meds.  Antibiotics, pain killers. anti-inflamatories.  So on Friday I stayed home and hubby went to the events.   Keep in mind we had our tickets since last year and it seemed kind of special, being it was our Anniversary.  So on Saturday, I did my best to cover my bruised face with make-up, took all my medications and headed off to the races.  I was so miserable that I only lasted about half a day, then we came home and I went to bed.  I was realizing by then that I "might" be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I had already been taking for a week.  I was breaking out in a rash all over my neck and chest.  Well, Sunday I coated myself with cortisone cream and off we went again.  No way was I missing the final day of the races.  I really took it easy and spent most of my time under the awning out of the sun, until the actual time of the race...a couple of hours. So there I was, bundled up in a scarf to cover my rash and a big floppy hat to cover my face, in the blaring sun.  Then back home and to bed again, first calling and leaving a message at the Dentist for them to have on Monday morn.  I had discontinued the antibiotics when I first realized that might be adding to the problem.  After taking some Benadryl I had gotten some relief, and when they called me on Monday morning that is what they told me to do anyhow.  So I made it through Monday and spoke to them again on Tuesday.  The rash was subsiding a little bit, but the pain in my face and tooth area was not.  I went in yesterday and they removed the stitches and the Dentist was shocked to see the state of my face.  He said he had never had a patient have that kind of bruising and this was totally unexpected.  I said NEVER? and he replied that I was ONE in about two hundred people he had performed that procedure on and it had never happened.  So aren't I the lucky one?  Oh yes.  I am still feeling poorly, but it is getting better day by day.  Anyhow, I hope this will be the end of my dental woes for awhile.  It really kind of ruined our anniversary, but it will certainly be one to remember.

A nice man who was seated next to us, took our photo to commemorate the occasion.  I don't think I look too bad considering what I was going through, but still... Oh and the fact that most of my face is in the shade. Ha Ha.  Maybe you can see the bruising and swelling . Our 40th anniversary photo.

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  1. I was supposed to have a root canal a year ago and didn't have it and so far without chewing on that side I haven't had any problems, I am wondering if root canals are just something dentists do to make extra money, killing a tooth just doesn't seem right to me, but what do I know, hope you have a good thanksgiving.