Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone.  It's been a cold couple of days in Austin, TX.  No comparison to what other parts of the country are dealing with I know, but cold for us.  At 12 p.m. it's 28 with a wind chill of 17.  We did have a hard frost last night, we moved our potted plants into the garage and covered the outside ones.  Weatherman said the last temps we had this low were in 2011.  Have heard from friends in other parts of the country, the mid-west and north-east, where it is really cold.  Brother reported -3 in his part of Idaho. 

We are lazing about today, Hubby watching football and I am puttering with some paper.  Organizing my planners and getting the new ones set up. 
Stack of some older spiral planners and a new red spiral one for this year. Decorated the cover with a page from Anthropologie catalog and some washi tape. 

I bought two new turquoise planners at Michaels and some of their boxes of  Happy Planner labels.   I usually make my own labels, but got caught up in the 60% frenzy and talk from several young lady "planners" who told me I needed the latest things.  Ha Ha. They had at least 10 different subjects.  I bought the Appointments, Travel, and Wellness sets.  We will see.  They might be fun. I always love getting the new calendars for the year, just like I always loved getting new school supplies. 


  1. Hi, Barbara, In a FB memory today, you'd left a comment on an ancient blog post about rubber stamp alphabets and I wanted to see what you were up to. Planners and stickers and washi and such. Hoping you are well and that art, as it seems to, keeps your life rich and wonderful. It does mine. My best, Marylinn Kelly

    1. Hi Marylinn! Just discovered this comment, as I haven't posted on my blog for ages! I was out of state the entire month of February. I've been trying to figure out how to write a posting about my Mother's passing, as I want to follow the timeline before I start posting again. Anyhow, thanks for your comment and visiting my neglected blog. I'm always interested in seeing what you are up to. I recently started following you on Pinterest.