Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunset, MoonRise, Fireworks

It was this hot when we headed out to the golf course where we planned to watch the fireworks. I think we broke another record today.

Sunset over the golf course.

And behind us the moon.

I've been lying low the past couple of weeks, due to the heat. Out early in the a.m. to run errands and do what absolutely has to be done, then into the cozy cool for the afternoon. The Hubster was getting tired of me being a house mouse, so convinced me to go out for the Fireworks. Sick of talking about weather, but gee whiz, we had triple digits almost all month of June and July has started out the same. Yes, it is HOT in Texas, I know that. But we have broken so many all time records. One of the days the weather dude says that the last time it was this hot on this day in June was 1954. Hubster was born in June 1954 right here in this town. I looked at him and said "hmmmm, that explains a lot, your little brain was cooked" We met up with some of his pals from the golf course to watch the fireworks.
I recorded the Boston Pops while we were gone so came home and watched it. It was spectacular. Those folks in Boston were wearing long sleeves and some had jackets on.

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  1. I just heard that we had the coolest June on record for L.A. County!! We're ususally cookin' by now but I don't think we've hit triple digits yet. I know how it is when it's hot. I become a house mouse, too.