Monday, November 16, 2009

Of all the things I've Lost....

I miss my mind the most! A funny little saying, yes? Well, it describes perfectly the way I have been feeling. November is slipping right on by, just as the previous month did. I have been having some medical issues, mainly medication problems. I'm attempting to get off a medication that just isn't working, and try something different. That entails a bunch of experimentation, and feeling crappy and out of control. One medication makes me feel numb, but I sleep at night. Another one makes me feel normal, but I am awake all night with anxiety attacks! So, I just haven't been posting. The struggle for life is taking what little energy I have.

November is a month full of activities here locally,that I normally enjoy immensely. I really have been trying to keep up, but am falling behind a bit more each week.

Artist Studio tours this past week-end, and I gave out early on, so didn't get to see as much as I wanted. Thankfully it is on next week-end also so I have hopes to hold up for a longer time period then.

I've done very little artwork in weeks, mostly just sort supplies and move stuff around, waiting for the spirits to move me. Lots of ideas bouncing, but just clanging up against one another in my brain.

Tomorrow is mine and hubby's wedding anniversary.....I started a card two weeks ago and it still lies unfinished, so I will slip out to the store in a bit and purchase one. Hubby won't mind, but he will know how guilty I feel, especially since he has been hiding a project he is working on for me.


  1. I say that all the time! I know I've lost my mind! I'm usually going around in a whirl of thoughts and activities and don't know which end is up!

    Happy Anniversary!! I'm sure your hubby will understand if you don't finish the card. I think we all go through these periods of not being able to complete projects we've started. I know I have a pile of them!!

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I have some of the same issues but not due to medications, last night I tried visualizing myself floating on a sea of warm water and it worked and I only needed one rolaid and I fell asleep - either that or I was just dead tired. Perhaps it is in the stars, today I feel much better and am able to get a few things done other than reading. I'm going to try setting some few small goals for myself and see if I can cross them off a list and hopefully that will help. Give yourself a break; we can only do, what we can do, when we can do it.