Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Blue Norther

Here we go again. The cold front coming down from the North has arrived. It is 38 right now, and the prediction is that we won't see above 40 tomorrow. Those temps are really not that cold, but when you factor in the wind, it feels much colder. It was 74 yesterday and everyone was out in short sleeves. HUB even played golf...but of course he will play golf even in snow, but around here when it snows they close the courses. LOL The weathermen are so enamored of the word SNOW because here in Texas they don't get to say it very often. They expect more snow in the Dallas area and it may even reach central Texas as well. I doubt that we will get snowed in here in Austin, we haven't so far... but if the COLD keeps us in, we have plenty of supplies. Soup, bread, comfort foods. We are on our second pot of coffee and it's still very early. I cooked Oatmeal for breakfast, and we feel like that made up for the entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies we ate last night while watching the Olympics. Can you tell, we are still trying to wean ourselves off the "sweets"? That is such a challenge.

I wouldn't even care if we got snowed long as I am not here alone, and HUB is snowed in up in Dallas.

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  1. You have really been having a winter this year! It's not too bad here today....a little cloudy and maybe around 50º with a chance of rain later in the day.

    Yum....oatmeal is my favorite! I think I could eat it three times a day, every day of the week! I have it with ground walnuts and flax seeds and almond milk.