Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon

Nice moon last night. I am always amazed by the moon, I love watching it. Why does the moon always look so huge in the sky and so tiny in a photograph. I know it has something to do with there. But sometimes I wish I had the Hubbell Space Telescope in my back yard. We have a nice telescope, and before there were houses built behind us, we used to take it out and have Star Parties. Too many lights around here now, and we rarely haul the telescope out away from the city. I kind of miss that. Perhaps I need to talk to Hub and see if he would consider doing that one of these times. Anyhow, here's last nights moon through the trees. Because the heaviest snowfalls usually occur in February, the full moon for the month is called the Snow Moon. I think I read that some Native American tribes called it the Hunger Moon, because hunting was difficult during that time because of the snow.


  1. What a beautiful picture! I love looking at the moon....I try to imagine how it must have felt to stand on the moon and look back at earth. That had to be a really odd feeling!

  2. Everyone was raving about the moon and I missed it, I knew it was full, but forgot about it. that is a truly beautiful shot through the trees.