Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SNOW They Said

And snow it did.
Huge Fluffy Snow.
Proof was fleeting.
Most has melted.

But for one day, we had SNOW in Austin, the most they say in 25 years. Certainly the most I have seen in my 16 years here. Wow, that was fun! Glad I was home to see it. Parts of town got a LOT more than we did out here. A funny moment, yesterday morning when I was out taking photos, me being raised in Idaho, and my across the street neighbor, being raised in New York, was out doing the same. She says "what, ya nevva seen SNOW before"? LOL

Snow falling, just starting in the a.m.

Back yard, table

Snow on metal flowers, backyard

Front yard, car, fountain


  1. I grew up in IL and when it snowed out here in CA in 2008 I was out snapping photos like a madwoman! And my son was visiting from Alaska and he was surprised and couldn't believe it.

    Your snowfall looks beautiful. I love seeing fresh snow (as long as I'm inside and don't have to get out in it!)

  2. Looks like I headed in the right direction for once in my life, cold is on its way here, but probably no snow, it is raining cats and dogs though.

  3. LOVEly snow. I posted a couple of snow pictures on Facebook & got a "You call that snow?" from my brother in Tahoe!
    It was really nice. Snowed all day, not too cold to go out in it!