Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week-end Getaway

I went with the Hubster to an MS fundraiser and dinner party on Saturday, in San Antonio. We spent the night and had a leisurely time on Sunday. We were planning on doing a little sightseeing in some areas we'd never been before. However...I discovered there was an Anthropologie store nearby where we were staying. Of course, that is always first on my list of "sightseeing", no matter where we travel. HaHa We did get to walk around the area before the shops opened at noon, because we got there way early. I gave hubby a bit of a teasing about it, because if we'd checked to see what time they opened, we would have had plenty of time to sight see in other areas. It was nice and cool though and a beautiful morning to just stroll and plenty of places to sit and people watch.

The Anthropologie store was awesome, as they all are. To see the photos I took, go to my other blog. www.barbaradunbar.blogspot.com/ Sorry...I still haven't figured out how to do a clickable link in the blogspot. Someday...

Afterwards he took me for lunch at a little Mexican place he had been to before. It was very quaint and seemed to be where the locals go. That is always so much better than a chain restaurant where you always know what you'll get. Full parking lot is always a good sign that the food is good. The restaurant was pretty large, the front side of it was around the left hand corner of the photo.

We had flautas and chicken fajitas. We had planned to stop for a Starbucks afterward, but were too full. Didn't even have dessert. Traffic was very heavy going home, we got home at 5:30 and I was unpacked and had my p.j.s on by 6:30 and went to bed at 7:30. So nice to be back in my own bed. Hotel beds are never as comfy as ones own bed.

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  1. I agree with you about hotel beds. I never sleep quite as soundly as I do at home in my own bed. And if I'm at home, most evenings I'm in my jammies so I can be comfy watching TV or reading. There's something so comforting about wearing soft jammies....sort of like a hug.