Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are All The Birds Crazy?

Or is it just the ones in Texas? We have this phenomenon here that occurs every night about sunset. The trees are filled with birds that seem to come alive all at once. It looks like something from that long ago Alfred Hitchcock movie that scared the crap out of all of us. I have heard it from a lot of people who visit Texas. I know I have seen it in Austin, and in Dallas. I am pretty observant when I travel, especially about the birds, but I don't recall having ever seen it in other places, to this extent. If I'm wrong, please tell me, does it happen where you live?
At 6:52 beautiful sunset

At 6:54 crazy birds

These photos are a bit blurry. I am constantly trying to get good "bird on a wire" photos. I'm not always prepared, and those birds move fast.


  1. No, I've never noticed that around here. Be thankful they aren't dropping out of the sky dead like they did in Arkansas! That was so weird and creepy.

    The Birds movie scared the crap out of me, too!

  2. Birds dropping out of the sky dead? What happened?