Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flight Delayed

It never fails! I hate winter travel of any kind, because it is "fraught with peril". Hubby is stuck in Chicago again. Every single time he or I fly to that part of the country(why does it always have to happen in WINTER). No one ever needs him to come there in the Summer!. I'm not sure it's weather issues in Chicago, or someplace else, but he made it from Ft. Wayne Indiana to O'Hare, and thought he would get out on time. But just e-mailed me about some kind of delay. He should still get home today, but it is just another part of the saga of winter travel.

Look what he found in the airport.

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  1. This winter seems to be especially bad for travel. It's just one storm after another for some parts of the country.

    HB is watching a football game....they're playing in Chicago and it's snowing. I hope your hubby gets home safely.