Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On Sunday I had told Hubby I would bake something for him, but ran out of time. So yesterday around noon I decided to bake. It took me all afternoon to make a huge mess, bake, clean up the mess. I was exhausted by the time he came home. I was saved from cooking dinner by presenting him with this big plate of mincemeat empanadas. Actually he said he had a late lunch and wouldn't be wanting dinner. I probably could have only managed to lift a frozen din-din into the microwave. For some reason I was really tired yesterday. I had done ALL my physical therapy exercises, so I should have felt energized. Anyhow, a tall glass of milk and a couple of pastries were pretty good.




Fortunately, I put a big bunch of them in a bakery box and sent him off this morning with them to share with the guys at his meeting. The rest of them I stuck in the freezer...after eating two of them. I do not do well at home alone with pastry in the house!!


  1. I'm terrible if left alone with pastries but I'm not big on mincemeat so these would be safe! They look beautiful though and I'm sure they were enjoyed by the guys at the meeting.

  2. It's "meatless" mincemeat Janet. It's still not my favorite, but I ate them anyway! Next time I will make PEAR with ginger. You may like those better, so come on over and help me indulge.

  3. Oh I love mincemeat and those look so good, if I was around the corner I'd be over there in a second to help you indulge, the pear and ginger sound good too.