Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wintery Road Trip

Hubby had to go to Dallas on business earlier in the week. I had made plans to go along and had alerted friends I'd be coming. When it got so darn cold I almost backed out and stayed home. Especially because parts of Dallas had 5" of snow the day before we left. Hub still had to go, so I promised not to whine, and went along.

This is a farmhouse along the way, that I have been taking photos of for at least 12 years. Every time we go to Dallas. So I have pics of it in every season. I do think this is the first one I have of it with snow on it. I'm really in love with this house. Someday I may just stop and knock on the door....

It was 22 the next a.m., which doesn't sound so bad if you bundle up...However, those of you who know about humidity and wind chill...It was DARN chilly. Hub was there to oversee an outdoor project, so he was pretty miserable all day.

My friend picked me up at the hotel early and we did a wee bit of shopping, but mostly just hung out and got caught up on things. I hadn't been up there since I had my shoulder surgery in October.
A great way to warm up for lunch. El Chico's chicken tortilla soup. I NEED to learn how to make it this good at home.

After a bit more shopping we needed a Cinnamon Dolce' Latte' to warm up again. Hub and I spent the night again and after a morning meeting, headed home, so he could re-pack and fly out again, to a REALLY cold place!

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  1. That's a wonderful old house; boy your husband has to do a lot of traveling away from home, not so good in this kind of weather.