Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do Ducks Eat Pancakes?

Or should they? Here I am talking about BREAKFAST again! Yesterday the Hubster and I went out early in the morning to do some errands, and decided we should grab something to eat to give us strength. He has started going to Mimi's, which has really decadent, French, New Orleans style fare. It is a chain restaurant, which I am not usually fond of, but the few times I have been there it has been pretty tasty. One should only eat there in the a.m. if they decide to expend their entire caloric intake for the day! Which I certainly think I did. Lemon poppy seed pancakes were yummy. Hub had French toast. Of course this was all accompanied with the eggs, maple syrup and BACON! We have had our bacon and syrup limit for the month I think.

Hubby went to the car before I did because he had a phone call to make. When I came out front, this is what I saw. I watched him stroll slowly from the corner for awhile before I decided to get out the camera.

He's getting closer now, just waddling along.

Making eye contact, I'm getting nervous.

As I run and jump in the car, two men who had been watching this unfold, said, "Be careful, that duck attacked me the other day". So when I fall into the car, laughing like crazy, Hub finally looks up and asked what was so funny. About that time a few folks were gathering to come into the restaurant, but ducky was blocking the door by then. Two employees came out the side door, one holding a plate of food. She gently "led" the duck back down the sidewalk and around the corner. I guess this is an almost daily ritual at this place. One of the other bystanders said this is a Muscovy duck and a few of them live behind the restaurant.

We went on about our way, and laughed about the duck the rest of the day. We walked a lot through the Domain, so might have burned off half of the calories we consumed. One can only hope.


  1. OMG!! How cute a story is this?

  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out but everything I like is loaded with calories.

    Apparently that duck knows a good thing when he finds it! He probably eats very tasty meals behind the restaurant!

  3. I love resident animals at places like that, but a restaurant, Ha, what a good one.

    If a duck or goose ever tries to attach you, stand your ground and raise your arms into the air level with your shoulders. This mimics the wings of a very large bird and your threatening stance will ward them off, I learned this from someone who had geese and it has come in handy several times at campgrounds and such.