Friday, May 6, 2011

My Engine is Stalled

Shuffling along in the rut the past few weeks. I guess I am starting the summer blues a little earlier this year. I usually get into a slump after coming home from the Pacific N.W. every year. This time it coincides with the issues of family AND the hotter temperatures. Ugh... We have already had temps in the 90's. This week we got a cool front though and it's been in the high 80's for a few days. I have been working on some spring cleaning, and getting rid of a lot of stuff, as well as trying to make my "cave" comfortable for spending the hot days inside and getting some artwork done. Consequently, when sorting and cleaning, it gets worse before it gets better. No matter how many times I fill the trashcan and the recycle bin, there seems to be more. Too much saving of everything that I think has those endless "possibilities". Oh I think I am also cranky because I haven't done a bit of artwork in several weeks.

Hubby had to basically drag me out of the house yesterday to go for a Cinco de Mayo lunch.

I really tried shuffling these photos so the ones of me wouldn't be so large...but Picasa wouldn't have it so I gave up. The top goofy photo of me with a pot above my head... On the front porch before we left, I was showing hubby a copper wok that I was going to use to plant some succulents in, and of course he had the camera ready. The food at this particular Mexican place is the best. The greens on my salad were really fresh, and they use an entire half of avocado. Hubby had Gorditas..I think. See the phone..working lunch seems to be the norm for him these days. For dessert we shared the huge empanada with Frangelica sauce. Then I came home and had a Siesta! I had saved half my salad so I COULD have dessert. I ate the rest for dinner.


  1. WELL, if you can fit a car in garage, you are doing better than most Americans! Where did you have lunch? Sounds pretty yummy!

  2. Coppy wok, bet that will be so cool, the summer doldrums are on their way, so far we're at least cool at night.

  3. Wow! That salad looks big enough for a group! This year we didn't celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We usually go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for margaritas.