Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Evening... 95 degrees

Mother's Day Sunday. I cooked, we watched CBS Sunday Morning, went out to get a newspaper, called both our Mothers.
I made up this recipe for a savory bread pudding. It has bread, milk, and eggs, of course. I added some Italian herbs, and the best thing...lots of BACON. For an experiment, it turned out pretty well. It was a one dish meal, and very filling. Next time I will add some cheese, but only had cheddar on hand and that didn't appeal to me today. I'm thinking some Gruyere next time.

It got way too hot too early for me so I stayed in. With coffee, and a few chocolates and a big pile of books and magazines. Fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon as far as I'm concerned.

Hubby? He went golfing. The heat doesn't bother him. We did have a high of 97 today. Tonight a light salad and maybe a movie. A nice relaxing week-end. Oh, of course the hubby played golf yesterday as well and I went shopping with a friend for a few new art supplies. Now I just need to use some of those supplies this week.


  1. That casserole looks really yummy.

  2. It was. But you know how some things are better the 2nd day...warmed up with some maple syrup, it was just like French Toast!

  3. You're much more ambitious than I am when it's hot! Once the temps go up the oven is NOT turned on for anything. But that sure looks yummy. I read your comment about the next day having it with maple syrup. I'm drooling!!

  4. I love bread pudding, but can't eat wheat, wonder if there is rice bread pudding, Ha. Nothing better than pure maple syrup.

  5. Barbara! Thanks so much for coming to my blog and leaving your lovely comments this morning. i LOST your comment during publishing .. don't have a clue what happened. Just wanted you to know I got it and THANK YOU. You look like a very busy lady .. I'm off to explore your photostream and see your art. Take care, Donna