Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Trip to The Track

Yesterday I went with Hubby out to our new Circuit of the Americas race track to take a tour. He went to the opening F-1 race in November, and ever since he's been "on a list" of people they are trying to get to buy season tickets for the upcoming events at the track.  I do like watching racing sometimes, but I am not as big a fan of it as Hubby is.  It was quite impressive though, to be there in the stands and see the incredible views.  We were shown several different vantage points, from the starting line where the pits are, and several of the turns, where the grandstands and boxes are.  It was a gorgeous day, even though it was incredibly windy.  The previous day we had 55 to 60mph winds here that snapped a few trees off and did some damage around the entire area.

Blue skies over the race track.

The view from Turn 15 was our favorite. Row 23 or 24.  Mid-price in the range.
The tower and ampitheatre.  There will be concerts held here. They have had a few already but we haven't gone yet. I haven't kept up with who all has played there so far, but I know Aerosmith was there, plus a country band that I don't recall,  and The Lumineers are coming in April.

It was a nice drive out in the country and it remains to be seen if we will become season ticket holders.  I know Hubby is interested, but for me, I doubt that I am going to want to go to that many races.  Still, it is easier to sell two tickets if we need or want to, than one, so that may be the route to go.  


  1. Hey Linda, it's Auto racing. Thanks for reminding me that not everyone knows what F-1 means, also that I did not include a link. I really didn't know for sure how to, but I went back and figured it out! If you click on the one link, it shows the Grand-Am race event that we are going to on Saturday. They also have a Moto-GP which is motorcyle, that one doesn't interest me much.