Saturday, February 23, 2013

Herding Turtles

  On Thursday night, I was able to take my friend Pat out to dinner for her birthday.  Afterwards we went to one of our favorite Targets, looking for Nate Berkus clearance.  We didn't find much, but bought a few other things there.  On the drive home, we were discussing other Target locations that we might be able to stop at before they closed. The two we knew of were both too far away, since it was already after nine p.m.  I said let's just go home, but she was determined to hit another one.  So we arrived at the one closest to my house.  Now mind you, I had already seen all the Nate Berkus clearance there a couple of days earlier, and there were no tortoise shells.  So, at 9:45, we walked into the store as all the other people were leaving.  We ran to the household goods...and there they sat, 4 of the tortoise shells.   We quickly grabbed them all.  They were 50% off, and we saw a couple other things we liked, however they were only 30% off.  As they announced the "five minutes before closing, please bring your purchases to the checkstand"...we were still shopping.  When we got to the front we were the last people in line.  We were laughing hysterically and I think the check out lady thought we were two crazy old chicks.  We were, but we rescued those turtle shells and got the heck out of there!! We laughed all the way home at our good fortune.

This is the photo from Design Sponge, I got the yellow shell and the gold sea urchin.  She got the white shell and the white sea urchin.   Hubby had found me a yellow shell earlier in the week, at regular price, and the darn thing hung crookedly on the wall.  So anyhow, today I took it back.  

Today between Pat and I, we visited 6 different Targets.  At all but one we found the tortoise shells, but still at regular price.  The one that had them on clearance, had them for only 30% off.  One must really hit a lot of Targets to find the clearance price they want to pay, because they are all different.   We did each get a lamp, that we had liked when it first came out, but not for $50.00.  We got them today at 70% off.  We spent a lot of time texting and talking on the phone while shopping.   I got one Nate towel at one store, and Pat found me two more at another store. It was a lot of fun, but part of it is just the thrill of the hunt. We don't really need any of it, we just like Nate Berkus designs.  I do think we are done Targeting for awhile though.  I feel like I worked hard today, and all I did was shop.

This is some of the new Nate Berkus collection that just came in. It is being released tomorrow, but two of the stores already had it set today. Notice in the first photo, the tortoise shells on the bottom shelf that are still part of the first collection. Thankfully, I did not see anything in the new collection that I feel that I really just have to have.


  1. The more I look at these turtle shells the more I like them. We just lucked out Thursday, that's for sure.
    I went to 2 more Targets after I left and got some pasta bowls. Let me know if you need any. I bought all 6.
    I am pooped from Targeting today. It was fun though.

  2. The pasta bowls at the 1st Target were $10; at the 2nd Target they were only $6 something.

  3. I'd be in serious trouble since there is only two Targets anywhere near where I live. Any others would be at least an hour away. I'm glad you found what you wanted...and you got them at 50% off! That's even better.

  4. Sounds like such fun! I love when things like that happen -- the find you don't expect to find. I really enjoyed our shopping day when we met in Houston last time I was down. Such fond memories. And I have lots of neat photos to reminisce over.