Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This sign at Target made me laugh. 

I've been trying to make a few Valentines.  Of course I haven't created anything in such a long time. At least way before Christmas when all the plumbing issues started with the house.  I had to pack away so many of my art supplies to get things moved for the foundation people as well.  Did I label things...Nooooo.  So trying to make a few Valentine has become more of an exercise in frustration, than any kind of fun. I am serious, things are such a mess around here, I could barely find a thing to work with.  I had to unpack at least a dozen boxes, and still could not find what I wanted/needed.  With much gnashing of teeth and a few tears and woe is me's, I did get a few done.  Mailed several yesterday, and Hub just left with the last few to drop in the mail today.  They will be late, but peeps will be so surprised that I even did them, they won't mind.  Now to clean the mess and get to work on making one for Hub, at least I don't have to mail it.

For the last two, I used the wonderfully drawn birds from a free download from Zoranaland. zoranaland blogspot com
One photo is too dark, the other too light. Sorry, my brain is stressed, I think I need a nap.


  1. But it's a fine looking mess, don't you think, Ollie? And it made for quite a few lovelies.
    You could take a pic of your table top & use that as another Valentine!
    The one with the multiple hearts & the golden birdie above it are my faves at the moment. The other three are so sweet as well . . .

    Nice going. Wish I could say your front yard turned out so nice - what a mess!

  2. Seeing your messy work table made me smile. I'm sure you haven't felt like being creative with all the house problems so it was nice to see you making Valentines. They're beautiful!!

  3. happy valentines to you, love the last one.