Friday, February 15, 2013

Chasing Wild Geese

That's what we call it when we go on a search for something we shoulda bought when we first saw it, then decided later we just had to have it, and it no longer is easy to find.  Everyone knows I am a die hard Target shopper.  Well, back in October, when they introduced the Nate Berkus home collection, I was one of those first in line to check it out.  Now, here's my M.O.  I go look, and first, determine which items I can't live without.  If there are a few I buy them right off.  If there are some I like but think they might not be popular with other folks, I figure I can wait till they go Clearance.  I seem to have a habit of liking the odd stuff that I see some folks rejecting.  Sometimes NOT. Well, it seemed that the Giant Tortoise shell was going to be one of those things that stayed around forever, since each store had plenty of them.  In not so great colors.  Deep green, white, and a Yellow, which I only saw online...that on my screen looks really yellow. So when I saw IRL the yellow one and it turned out to be that "acid green chartreusey" color that I love, then I wanted it.  I was so excited last week when my friend who works at Target e-m me to tell me the Nate Berkus was on clearance.   So I went running over there and guess what...NO tortoise shells! They had only had the green one anyhow.  Later the Hubster called me and told me he was right by a big fancy Super Target and he would check the Nate Berkus.  He called a bit later all excited...He found the tortoise shell.  The sign on the end cap said 50% off.  Even better, as at my Target it was only 30%. Hub finds a couple of other things he thinks I might like, plus the shell.  Gets up to the check stand, and you guessed it!  The rug and the trinket box were 50%, but the shell was NOT on clearance, even though it had been on the same display end cap, all along, ever since they put the stuff out.  Now there is a slight to huge discrepancy as to the timelines that different Targets clearance things.  Soooo.. the hunt begins to find the one who has the shell on clearance.  At this point, the rarity of this thing makes me realize that even if it is only 30% I will get it.  After hitting 2 stores that only have the dark green one left(Regular price of course) Hub remarks that if we find the yellow one we are getting it REGARDLESS.  Regular price is $40.00 but that was too much for me.  But now it becomes a challenge to find one!  Where I was lukewarm about it before,  now all of a sudden, I want it in the worst way.  Before I didn't really think I had a place for it, now my every thought is of several places I could put it. I had not even taken a photo of it.  Here's what it looks like. Nate Berkus tortoise shell

My friend and I had looked at the white one a couple of weeks ago, and remarked that if we could get them at 70% off, a real score, we could cover them with rusty tissue paper  or decoupage something over them, and it would look ever so cool.  But I am thinking that the tortoise shell may just be one of those things that got away.  Time to move on.  Although...Hub is in San Antonio today and he drives by at least 2 Targets on his way home.  He is always thoughtful, but lately with my distress about all this house stuff, he's doing extra things to try to cheer me up. I probably won't even have to ask him to stop and check.

Oh I almost forgot.  He did find this item that was the right color, even though I'm not sure where I'll use it.  Right now, here's where it is living. I added the tag for the photo so you could see it is a Nate Berkus "decorative object".  Ha! Actually it is two chains.  We always say if one is good, two's better!   They looked kind of lonely on the plate by themselves, so I added the metal sphere that was sitting in the plant tray. dawned on me just as I uploaded the photo.  Ball and chain.  Oh, I crack myself up sometimes.


  1. OH noooooooo! (tortoise shell)
    Just a prisoner of love (ball & chain)

    So online it shows the tortoise shell in yellow & white available at several local stores - so much for the computer managing inventories well.
    Good luck!

  2. so many times I have wanted to purchase something but decided I shouldn't spend the money then later I want it and it's gone.

  3. I don't want to be a dummy but what would you do with the tortoise shell? Is it to hang on the wall or sit on a table? I learned my lesson long ago that if I see something I want, I buy it right then because chances are it will be gone if I come back later.

  4. Well, I do go in cycles of doing this. Now I will buy everything I see that I even kind of like for awhile. Then I will go back to telling myself I shouldn't spend the $$ and then do the Wild Goose Chase again. I guess I should have explained that this was a wall decoration. Or it could sit on a table as part of an arrangement. I can even picture it leaned up in the back of a bookcase with smaller stuff in front. I am guessing it has a hook on the back for hanging.

  5. I know THAT feeling... non-buyer's remorse I guess. I shoulda got it when I saw it. I'm bad with that... so sometimes now I like something I feel tempted to buy it in several colors (I'm talking clothes or shoes). But I don't clothes shop near as much as I used to. I don't go to Target all that much but I do hit Walmart and always get WAY too much "because it's such a great deal." Ah well.