Friday, April 19, 2013

A week of DAYs

Some weeks I can sort out and determine that the week has separate days.  Some weeks, like this one, even though I can pinpoint the happenings, they all run together like one long never ending day.   Like a river running downhill, never ending day. 

Monday: Getting boxes from a friend at work, packing boxes.  Turning on t.v. to check Dr. Oz and seeing the news about the bombings in Boston, which played over and over the rest of the day.  I am not a t.v. watcher, or a news watcher...except in times of national tragedy. Watch, while sorting papers and tossing things out.

Tuesday:  Out to get hair cut.  Call from Sister that Dad has fallen yet again, last night, and was taken to hospital by ambulance.  Broken ribs, several stitches in head and arm. Spoke to her several times this day. Do we get on a plane and get there ASAP, or keep the original plan to go on the 5th of May. Fill trash can and recycling bin along with large bag of clothes to take to Goodwill.  Hub checks airfare prices online, just to be prepared.

Wednesday: Dentist appointment at 8:00 a.m. More calls back and forth with Sister.  They discovered Daddy has 3 broken ribs instead of the two they originally thought.  He now has pneumonia and they are talking of moving him to ICU. They said he had a very rough night last night. Yet he has 23 visitors on this day...who lets 23 people in to see a man who has pneumonia?  A man who feels the need to joke and entertain each of these visitors to convince THEM things aren't as bad as they seem!  I was a little shocked that the hospital would have allowed that many people to parade through there.

Thursday: Not sleeping, haven't slept well at all this entire week.  Up from 3a.m. to 5 a.m. with allergies, then take a pill then can't get out of bed when it is time to get up.  Drinking almost an entire pot of coffee...with cream, instead of eating breakfast.  Sister calls with report that Daddy is doing better.  Talk to him, he is joking as usual.  Packing and sorting most of day.  Bagged Chex party mix for lunch, instead of real lunch.  Husband home and cooks himself nice dinner.  I am wiped out, eat half a pear/gorgonzola flatbread from Target, with iced tea..more caffeine.  What the heck!!!  To bed, exhausted, at 9 p.m.

Friday: Awake again a lot during the night, coughing and sneezing.  Bedroom window open but not quite cool enough so just get the allergies.   Slept in till 8:30.  Cooked oatmeal for breakfast..YAY!  Only one cup of coffee.  Glass of carrot juice later. Friend called and said she had more packing boxes for me, so went to get those. She has had some bad news, try to make her feel better.  Went downtown with Hubby.  Had a green drink at Whole Foods, then steamed Sesame Kale and Ginger beets for lunch.  Yay!  Brought home shrimp and veggie skewers for dinner.  A better day foodwise.  More packing and stacking boxes for our road trip on May 5th.  Talked to Sister again.  Daddy is doing better today, but still can't eat.  They think he might have an obstruction in his esophagus, so are going to do some exploring on that. They did say they are keeping him over the week-end, and will release him on Monday.  He will go to the same rehab facility that he was in before when he broke his hip.  Relieved that things are getting better for him.  Sister said he only had 5 or 6 visitors today.

Plans for the week-end. Relax a little bit.  Earth Day Festival tomorrow.  Hubby is going to the Moto GP race on Sunday.  We had tickets for all three days, but gave them away for today and tomorrow.  I wouldn't have wanted to go to this one anyway, so glad to have someone else who would enjoy it be able to.

Amazing how much better I feel after one day of decent eating instead of  JUNK!  We eat well most of the time, but sometimes slip into really bad habits like I have several times this week.  Well, I'm snapping out of it, and will do better this week-end.


  1. Are you moving ? Sorry about your dad, 23 visitors, that's just crazy.

  2. Hi Linda, Are we moving, yes and no. We had purchased a house in Idaho last summer, for our retirement home. We had moved some things up in November,so it is furnished and functional for us to stay there when we go there. With the foundation repair here looming, we decided to take many more things up since things have to be moved out anyway. The whole house thing is a convoluted and long story...I can e-mail you with it if you want all the details. LOL

  3. yes send me an email and your address again too I am finally getting around to sending you something