Sunday, April 21, 2013

Every day Earth Day People

Several things going on around town this week-end. Hub and I chose this one. I wanted to go to Whole Foods, but they were the same time, so we chose music over food. Our friend went to Whole Foods and we reported back and forth to one another.
When we first got there, we visited a lot of the booths, signed pledges to be more "green" picked up brochures and freebies. bags, etc. Then Hubby went to sit and listen to the bands, while I walked around more and visited with people.  People were subdued, talking about recent events, the Boston bombings and the explosion in West.  But mostly everyone was upbeat.  There was a lot going on, kids activities were happening and music and a drum circle taking place.  I sort of even forgot I had my camera with me until I sat down to watch the bands.  Things were picking up by the time Mingo Fishtrap came on...a very good local band.  Yes, there was dancing, and local characters.  So that is what I took photos of.
                                                                    Mingo Fishtrap Band
 This green shirt dude was everywhere...sitting, walking, dancing every time he came through the open hangar where the music was.
Happy Hippie couple dancing..nice people.
Orange dress lady, she was very entertaining.  She'd dance, then go back to her chair and take a drink of whatever she had in a small bag.  I think she may have brought in her own beverage.   A little later, she was dancing with green shirt dude.
This couple was dancing up a storm and they were really good.

These two were not together, but I thought they looked like they could be. This was the typical Austin Earth day costume. 

The Mayor, waiting his turn to speak.

Hubby, listening to music and people watching.

We didn't stay until the end, so we didn't hear the last band. It was a really nice day weatherwise, almost cool in fact, so I wasn't worn out from the heat like I usually am.  We got a good parking place really close by so did not have to hike too far. I was still getting tired, and both Hub and I
 were ready to leave at the same time, which does not always happen.



  1. I like the hats people wore in your pictures. I wouldn't mind finding a few of them to wear myself.
    I think your Mueller Earth Day event was a lot more fun & interesting than the one at WF. The WF event was a little more my speed though. Got up too early that day & was pooped by 2 p.m! Gotta work on that!!

  2. Yes we do have some characters here in Austin. That is just a small sampling.

    The very pretty woman in the hat and tie dye, told me she got that hat at Marshalls a few years ago, and that she is always shopping for a new one just like it. It's paper though, and won't withstand a rain. The one she had before was straw.

    I've tried to figure out the Reply to each message function on my blog, but no matter what I do, it won't work!

  3. Looks like a fun day. HB and I went to The Poppy Festival on Saturday and once again it was boring! I don't think we'll try it again. There was some live music but everything else was just a yawn. We only stayed a couple of hours and left. I did meet a local artist though so that was good.

  4. This years festival was not nearly as crowded as last years for some reason, so it had a totally different feel, but still enjoyable for what it was.

    Poppy Festival...I would have wanted to see poppies, were there any? It was nice that you made an artist connection, that can usually save most any situation.