Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unpredictable April

What should I wear today?  Yesterday afternoon when I walked to the mailbox , it was 85 and humid.  Still warm last night and breezy.  This morning when I went outside it was 40 and very windy, and starting to rain. We are getting some of the arctic air that is sweeping down from Canada.  Parts of the country are getting ice and snow, we most likely will get rain which we always need, and maybe some hail, which we don't need. I have to run out later and do some errands.  I wish I had some of , I would wear them today. 

I was trying to grow succulents in the kitchen windows, but with the solar screens on, they weren't getting enough light.  So I removed the screens from a couple of the windows, and they seem to be much happier.  I like having the screen off, but am afraid I will need to cover my table with something to keep that end of it from fading from the sun. I cleaned the inside of the windows, but haven't made it to the outside yet. You can see that it is raining.
I was enjoying the view of the backyard while having coffee. With the solar screens on, when it rains hard it plasters the screens to the windows and you can't see out.  Taken through the not entirely clean window.  We have not done any spring clean-up in the back yard yet.
Last night Hubby was at a dinner meeting, so I was on my own and made this salad.  I had made us both the same thing on Monday night, except I added hard-boiled eggs.
 I don't usually buy bagged salad, but do sometimes buy the spinach when in a hurry.  I was all excited to see the new Fresh Express Spinach and Arugula, as I love arugula.  Well, as I was searching for where it was......I started counting them.   The bag had 6 tiny leaves of arugula!!! What a disappointment. Was I wrong to expect a few more? I don't think so, but yes, they can say, it did have arugula.  I went online to make a comment at their website, but they wanted the product code of the item, and I had already tossed the bag.  I think I will buy another bag today and see if the same holds true, then I will have the information when I write to them.  I've been thinking about growing a small kitchen garden outside the back door. But the way the squirrels have eaten my succulents, I don't know how much luck I'd have.
Well, I'm off to experience some April weather.


  1. You could put a screen over the garden to keep the squirrels out. We were freezing and now today it's 91, straight from winter to summer. What is the green shrub pruned so nicely, sure is pretty.

  2. Hi Linda, that shrub is a tiny leaf Japanese boxwood. I planted it 20 years ago, when I designed the raised beds. It has done very well so was a good choice. Not all my choices were!It will probably get trimmed a tiny bit when we do the garden clean-up.

  3. I like those boots!! I think it's pretty cool that you know how to link the word to the pic of those boots!!! Very impressive!

    Your yard looks really nice I think!

  4. I really do want to order some rainboots..but what is keeping me from getting those, is that I think the heels may be too high for me! I'd hate to slip and fall on the garden path. I think flat heel ones with rounded toes may be safer for me.