Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Favorite Color Day

It's a grey Saturday, a bit between mist and light rain. 65 degrees. Had an early morning appt. with the furnace/air conditoner man, just to make sure the system is working. Our weather this time of year is use the heater one day, the A/C the next. A lot of people complain about grey days, but I rather like them. Hubby was out of town all week, and I have still been sorting and re-organizing. This a.m. we went out for breakfast and a few errands, then he headed for the golf course. I have the rest of the day to play, create, or continue organizing. Or a little of each. We'll meet back up later for dinner and a movie. I think it's a fine way to spend a Saturday.

Look at my Crape Myrtle, known as the Lilac of the South. In February we are advised to trim them back, since they only bloom on new growth. Some folks do, some don't. I like the way Hubby trimmed this one. There was a little nest that he didn't want to disturb, so he didn't trim those two branches. I always thought most birds didn't return to re-use a nest the following year. I have seen a bird perched on top of that tree every day the past week. It does appear the nest is getting smaller, so maybe she's is just going for re-cyled building material, and building her nest somewhere else.

I enjoy the bare branch trees so much because you can better see the birds perched in them.

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