Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

That's how I feel most days. Here we go again.
I've been busy cleaning and sorting. Mostly sorting, papers and art stuff. I am constantly reorganizing, trying to make things easier to find. I have been very frustrated with my current state of affairs of too much stuff, and not being able to find all the required items when I decide to do a project. Well, I do make such a mess when I do any project. Then if I don't put everything back where I got it, it gets buried under something else. It's a mess of my own making, so no one can fix it but me.

I'm breaking up the monotony of sorting by doing a few small projects. Nothing significant, just little putterings to keep myself convinced that I really am going to use all these supplies! HA I keep discovering things I bought that I forgot about, then a bell goes off..Oh yeah, I was gonna, you know, do that, this or there was a very important reason I needed that. Yikes!

I made a couple of cards for my Dad(horse diagrams), a card and mail art envy for my Mom, decorated some jars I'd been storing tiny things in, worked on some Lunar New Year cards(still finishing those up)and I made a quick Valentine hangy thing on VDay while hubby was cooking us dinner.

My goal is to do a few small things every week, even if it's just a card, tag, ATC or collage. I need to get in the habit of finishing things, instead of starting, starting, get the idea. My mind goes in too many directions at once.


  1. This sounds so familiar to me....because I go through the very same thing. And I've found that even doing just a little bit of straightening and organizing each day will eventually make a difference. I, too, make a HUGE mess whenever I create anything so I know that when I'm finished I must put things away or I won't have room for the next project.

    I love all the things you did but the horse card is my favorite. Just keep taking those baby steps and sooner than you know you'll be back to creating every day.

    I owe you an email and I promise I'll get it written soon.

  2. I was semi organized till I moved my studio into the other room and then stuff disappeared again. I have been organizing a bit more and it is helping me, but in some ways it's a bit depressing as I have uncovered a lot of things I haven't finished. I really need to finish some things and here I am thinking of taking a painting class, I never seem to learn.