Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes We Have Weather

We got just enough snow to make the weathermen ever so happy, since they had been talking about the snow coming for several days! I know they are so proud of themselves when they actually get it right. It matched the "computer model" of the impending storm to a T... I do love to make fun of those guys, because they don't often get it right. The storm that we are right in the path of, usually passes us by, or it arrives many hours sooner than they predicted. Oh are my snow day photos.

It's still 28 degrees, but the sun came out and the snow is melting already. We have nothing severe like the rest of the country is having. I feel really worried for the folks who are having to dig out of many feet of snow, downed power lines, being withouut heat. Not to mention treacherous road conditons. I lived many years in climates like that, so I sure don't complain about Texas winters.

Hope it is warm where you are. Do you think that groundhog was right about Spring coming soon? Oh by the way, my friend Ruth Ann Gigliotti owns Stewart's Drug Store right in the middle of Punxsutawney PA. On Mahoning Street I think it is. You can buy a rubberstamp of Punxsutawney Phil there, plus other groundhog collectibles.


  1. I heard on our news last night that Texas was colder yesterday than Alaska! The snow does look pretty but I can easily do without it. I, too, have lived where there is a lot of winter and I'll take CA over that any day.

  2. this sure has been a cold winter even here in Florida.